About Us


One bell is rung for each of the pets that have passed through our lives. These beloved family members have inspired us the find the highest quality products possible for the independent retailer.

Five Bells is the web division of New England Rawhide. New England Rawhide was started by Charlie and Linda in 1995 to provide the best quality products to the independent retailer. Charlie started in the pet industry at the age of 16 and turned that experience into 2 retail stores. Linda brought her animal science education to the pet food industry in 1992 after time in the retail pet and large animal business. In 2004 Charlie closed his retail to focus 100% on New England Rawhide. Over the years as new products emerged on the market rawhide became a much smaller portion of our product line up hence the change to Five Bells, a name that honors the animals that have inspired us to be the best distributor we can be.